This is the official "Septima" music download page.

The music from Septima can be downloaded in mp3 format here.

The rules:

You may download and listen to the music freely but any resale or commercial exploitation of the music is prohibited.

You may not make this music available for direct download anywhere else. Please link to this page instead so that people can come here and see what it's all about.

If you play this music at a show, please mention Ben's name and tell everybody where to download it.

Remixes of the music are welcome. Please let me know so I can put links to your creations here.

This music has been released in memory of musician and composer Ben Daglish. It was recorded in 1991 for a project that Ben and I worked on together. The project was never finished and disappeared into history but a CD of the music survived, I'm releasing it now so that the world can hear it.

If you enjoy listening to this music you can make a donation to Ben's trust fund projects here. You can also send donatations directly to me via. Paypal at "", I'll make sure the money arrives safely.

I suggest a $5 donation but any amount is good. Do it for Ben!

(As an extra incentive: Anybody who makes a donation will receive a link to download a copy in lossless FLAC format)

Any problems/questions? email me:

You can read more about the history of the music (and the fate of the CD shown above) on GoFundMe.

(more info to follow...)